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"Small, compact and easy to use... ", "Another useful tool in the ever increasing threat of spyware and backdoor trojans"
- Network News, PC World

"I was extremely impressed when reviewing Bandwidth Meter."
- Review, Tucows.com

"A fine network metering tool"
- Review, ZDNET

User Comments
"BANDWIDTH METER is very easy to use, I have it installed on my small office network and it routinely monitors all network connections with the minimum of fuss.  A first-class program which I'd highly recommend.” - M. Morgan, mrganfree.com

 "The internet is a different place than it was even 2 years ago.  As System Administrator for a corporate client BANDWIDTH METER has helped me maintain a level of control that otherwise would have been difficult to achieve - thanks”
- T. Rummer, anderton.com


 Bandwidth Meter  Sample screens

Click on an image below to see the full-size version.   You can check Bandwidth Meter's main window and different configuration options, including best and worst performance indicators by clicking here.

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You can specify graph colors and graph style including 3-d or flat.  You can also specify the size of the bandwidth bars and whether graph, graph and text or just text should be displayed.

Notifications can keep you informed about your connection status and current bandwidth usage. You can also specify actions that should be performed when certain conditions are met.

You can monitor most types of network connection. Supported connection types include: DSL, Cable, LAN, ISDN and Dial-up. You can choose to monitor all or a single connection.


Here you can choose your preferences. Bandwidth Meter will use these settings each time you run the program.

View your log details including summary, log, daily, weekly and monthly options.

Regularly auto-pinging a host or your Service Provider can prevent disconnection by ISPs who monitor your connection activity.

More Screens - CLICK HERE

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