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"Small, compact and easy to use... ", "Another useful tool in the ever increasing threat of spyware and backdoor trojans"
- Network News, PC World

"I was extremely impressed when reviewing Bandwidth Meter."
- Review, Tucows.com

"A fine network metering tool"
- Review, ZDNET

User Comments
"BANDWIDTH METER is very easy to use, I have it installed on my small office network and it routinely monitors all network connections with the minimum of fuss.  A first-class program which I'd highly recommend.” - M. Morgan, mrganfree.com

 "The internet is a different place than it was even 2 years ago.  As System Administrator for a corporate client BANDWIDTH METER has helped me maintain a level of control that otherwise would have been difficult to achieve - thanks”
- T. Rummer, anderton.com


 Bandwidth Meter  Main screen configuration

Bandwidth Meter's main screen can be configured in many different ways. Click on an image below to see the full-size version.  The screens below also give indications of best and worst performance connections.

Default program display - good connection

Main window - good transfer

The above image shows the default screen layout showing a good transmit session indicating KB/sec transfer rates on the left of the screen with average values detailed below the graph.

Minimal program display - poor connection

This image shows Bandwidth Meter in its most minimum screen configuration.  Menu items, toolbar, left axis and summary transfer details are all hidden. 

The graph display is also showing a poor connection with little data being received.  Bandwidth Meter can be configured to terminate connections under these circumstances.

You can set the Bandwidth Meter's 'Always on Top' property to view details wherever you browse.

Display showing Bandwidth Meter working with Internet Explorer

Main screen - working in Internet Explorer

Here you can see the program working on top of Internet Explorer - in this configuration you can see your bandwidth transfer at-a-glance whilst surfing the web.  You can set the application's 'Always on Top' property to view details wherever you browse.

Display showing mediocre transfer and large graph pulse width

Main screen - large pulse width

The width of the pulses can be set to any value - great for easy viewing where measurements are more critical.

Bandwidth Meter's default main window view.

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