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All our software is designed to function across the currently supported Windows range of operating systems. 

"Excellent, powerful, easy to use", "5 steps to a perfect gallery"
- Report, PC World

"I was extremely impressed when reviewing DigiGallery."
- Review, Tucows.com

"Fine imaging tool"
- Review, ZDNET

User Comments
"DIGIPHOTO GALLERY is very easy to use, I have hundreds of digital family pictures which are now organized neatly into a variety of web galleries thanks to your software.”
 "My family is split around the globe and it's great to be able to upload my galleries to the web so that friends and family can view my latest digital camera pictures of the kids and places we visit.  Well worth the 17 dollars”
- M. Jerdan, aranader.com



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 Net Meter Pro Professional Internet Meter.

Net Meter Pro

Net Meter Pro is the new all-in-one bandwidth meter and monitors all network traffic in real-time - WiFi, WAN, LAN, DSL, 3G, GPRS and much more.

Visit the Net Meter Pro web site and download the next generation internet meter. 

Advanced Reporting Modules

Get clear and concise information about your internet usage and your computer's network performance with 3-d graphs and instant visual performance indicators.

Net Meter Pro's real-time bandwidth monitoring and dynamic reporting ensure your bandwidth usage, monitoring, transfer quota, ip data and much more are always available.

Bandwidth Meter Internet and Intranet Connection Meter.

Bandwidth Meter
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Bandwidth Meter monitors all your internet, LAN or WAN network traffic.   It displays real-time graphical details about your network connection.  It also records and logs ALL network traffic.

Bandwidth Meter contains licensed core Windows (TM) networking technology and is currently installed and in use with IBM, Sony, Microsoft, Dell, Hewlett Packard, Google, Yahoo and many other leading technology firms. 


CPU Speed

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CPU Speed measures the REAL speed of your Intel or AMD central processing unit (CPU).

If you've ever wondered exactly how fast your CPU is running, this great little application will tell you.  Simply click the 'Test my Speed' button and see CPU Speed go to work. 

It only takes a couple of seconds to determine your processor speed.  It's very accurate and takes the guess work out of CPU purchase, overclocking, performance enhancing and testing.

CPU Speed is the internet's number one CPU speed testing application.  Tens of thousands of people download CPU Speed each month to get the ultimate benchmark on their CPU and machine performance. 

This software is FREE.

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 DigiPhoto Gallery  Thumbnail and Web Gallery Creator.

DigiPhoto Gallery

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Create your very own online photo gallery for family and friends with this powerful yet easy to use program.

Just a few mouse-clicks turn your photos into a professional web gallery for all occasions.  

DigiPhoto Gallery
  produces high quality, professional-looking web galleries in just six easy steps.

Purchase your copy today and get:

25 MB of FREE web space for your pictures
- FREE FTP upload
- Unlimited FTP access and support.

DigiPhoto Gallery now includes EXIF digital data support!

Password Safe  Store internet passwords and other data safely with 256-bit encryption

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Password Safe keeps all your passwords in one secure, encrypted file on your computer or wherever you choose. It's easy to use and offers quick, fast 256-bit encryption secure password management. One 'Master Password' is all that is needed to access all your passwords and personal information.

Please note,
Password Safe is currently FREE. 

Visit the Password Safe web site at:


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